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Party with a Purpose!

Dreaming big is scary, and executing those dreams can sometimes feel next to impossible. At The Veteran’s Spouse Project we have these amazing dreams of touring our arts programs, providing a space for healing and connection and building up pockets of authentic communities all over the country. But any one who has ever dreamed big knows that big dreams take big resources! 

The Veteran’s Spouse Project is comprised of five military spouses who have poured heart and soul into developing arts programs, creating marketing plans, building a board of directors, financial structures and all of the other blocks that make up a viable business. We have been driven by a shared belief in the importance of storytelling and have been spurred on by the responses that military and civilians all over the country have had to our mission. Now, as our dreams begin to become reality, we begin looking forward to building a sustainable base of supporters who believe in the power of connection, the power of a shared experience and the power of a story. 

As 2019 came to a close and we looked toward 2020, we began to ask ourselves if there was a way to raise funds to support VSP’s programs while deepening community in locations all over the country. I mean, we have collectively lived in over 40 locations! As we reflected on our own experiences of rebuilding our tribes from duty station to duty station, we realized that the age-old tradition of Army Spouse Coffee Groups just may hold the answer to our dream. 

On December 7th, in the dim glow of the Christmas lights, my neighbor, Laura Lee, and I hosted the very first Veteran’s Spouse Project Pop-Up Party Fundraiser in Fort Polk, Louisiana. In a place where I had been so hesitant to reach out and connect, I found a group of 25 women who gathered together around a mission that resonated with each one of them for different reasons. These women have walked the path, they have their own stories of brokenness and beauty and they came to support an organization that fights hard to tell their stories. 

 The result was an evening of laughter, cranberry margaritas, some amazing gingerbread houses and $1,125 raised in support of our military families! Each woman who attended the party donated $50 (or more!), with each dollar going to directly support VSP’s art programs. The attendees were treated to heavy hours d’oeuvres and drinks, and received their pre made, ready to decorate gingerbread house on a holiday charger to take home. The laughter and fellowship lasted late into the night, and the impact of these women’s giving will last even longer.

VSP has a new dream now. A dream of having eight pop up parties in 2020. Celebrate your story and honor our nations’ heroes and their families by hosting your own Pop-Up Party. Our Hosts raise funds and awareness in their own communities across the country and put their own spin on the event! The Hosts get to do all of the fun stuff (plan the event and celebrate with friends!) while VSP will handle the rest (send receipts and handle the technology).

Contact me for your Pop-Up Party Toolkit at leajohnson@iwillwait.com

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