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Last Chance To Win Big!

Today's the day.

VSP's inaugural Honoring All Military Ball is finally here! By now, you're already had the chance to review your Virtual Event Guide, you've decided whether to dress up or wear couch comfy chic, and you're counting down until 8:00pm EST.

Now what?

How about passing the time by daydreaming of a weekend getaway at a historic bed and breakfast in Vermont? Or imagining a shopping spree on a site loaded with special discounts for military, first responders, and law enforcement?

Can't sit still and need to pass the time by tidying up? How about finding the perfect spot in your home to finally display all those beautiful challenge coins you and/or your spouse has been collecting along your military journey. Or finally making space on your desk for an organizer set that's sure to be a conversation starter?!

You could be a lucky winner!

If you haven't already, check out all the raffle prizes being awarded tonight at the ball. Want to increase your chance to be a lucky winner while supporting VSP's mission? Be sure to head over to the Honoring All Military Ball ticketing page to get your raffle tickets now.

If you're not attending the ball, you can still win! Head to the ticketing page above and grab 20 raffles entries for $10 or 1 raffle entry for $1.

We are so honored you're joining us, see you tonight!

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