Made For You

Expressive art is, by definition, a multi-modal or integrative arts process for healing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. 

Made For You expressive arts workshops offer a series of mindfulness and creative arts activities in a workshop format in order to create an environment for veteran spouses to speak from the heart about their journeys.

Made For You creates the space for you reflect on and explore your inner journey as a veteran's spouse. 

"Thank you so much! It was wonderful as a military spouse to have a safe space in which to step back from our constant active "go-mode" mindset and just relax and let go."

- Made For You Workshop Participant


The Workshops

Our expressive arts workshops offer the opportunity for veterans’ spouses to get in touch with themselves and each other by guiding participants through a series of mindfulness and creative arts activities. Each standalone event, workshop series, or month long engagement is topically relevant to military lifestyle and caregiver challenges. Our facilitators offers tips on healthy communication, self-care activities, stress relief, and emotional expression to foster well-being and healing. We provide the space for the caregiver or spouse to be cared for, so they can continue to support their families and service members/ veterans. 


"It was such an inviting and safe space to share and relax. It was time just for me, and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for all you do. And I hope this program continues and expands for others to experience too."

- Made For You Participant

"My heart soared with the love, creativity, joy, struggles, and strength of my fellow peers! I REALLY hope this program expands. What an AWESOME opportunity for future spouses. Love and light..."

- Made For You Participant


Virtual Offerings

Workshops, Meet-ups and Online Community

In these unprecedented times, VSP has turned to a virtual platform, creating an online community of support and self-care for spouses. The vision for our Made For You Programs to provide a safe space for spouses to feel, seen, heard, and supported as they endure endless transitions, multiple deployments, and lifestyle stressors is coming to fruition beyond our in-person events through virtual offerings.  We envision this effort extending beyond the COVID-19 response making it a new way of connecting participants on a world-wide level. Online workshops build a forum for prior participants to continue engaging with one another no matter where the military, or life post transition takes them, and affords our programming to reach many communities through each offering. 


Get Involved

Host An Art Supplies Drive - Interested in supporting a workshop in your area? Do you enjoy efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Host an art supplies drive to assist in providing the materials needed to create a space where creativity can flourish. Connect with us here to get started. 


Volunteer Your Talents - VSP is always accepting volunteers. Send us a message letting us know how you would like to contribute here

Request A Workshop - Are you an organization interested in hosting or sponsoring VSP's Made For You programming? We'd love to connect, send us a message here



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