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I Will Wait was born late one night when playwright Amy Uptgraft poured out her struggles about her husband's fourth deployment with fellow playwright, Gregory Stieber.  In that moment, they felt that they had to tell not only their story, but all of the stories. 


Amy and Gregory set out to interview spouses across five generations and document their stories of separation during times of war. After producing the play in 2015, audiences were left moved beyond words and the mission was set to share it all over the country. 

Since then, I Will Wait has grown into program that includes the fully realized production, readings of the play with or without talkbacks and virtual writing workshops. 

“VSP spoke so well to my mind and heart. I laughed; I cried; I connected; I bonded. I really do

feel like it is a must for all military spouses.”

- 'I Will Wait' Audience Member


The Production

I Will Wait is an original production that tells the story about sending a loved one to war.  Using real-life experiences combined with original music, this story has been woven into a fully realized production told through music, dance, and drama. The story begins in 1945 at the end of World War II and travels through "forgotten" Korea, the volatile Vietnam era, Desert Storm and ends with spouses caught in the current cycle of war and deployment.

The emotional toll of sending loved ones to war and dealing with the ever-changing dynamic when they return is universal, spanning centuries. These stories deserve a seat at the table and a voice in the ongoing conversation about war. I Will Wait seeks to bridge the widening gap between our military and the rest of the American population by allowing veterans' spouses to feel like their voices are being heard, often for the very first time.  

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“VSP is an emotional, real and inspired vision that brings the thoughts and feelings of military personnel and their spouses to life. I found it to be heart wrenchingly real, full of raw emotion and courage. Tears will be shed and you will feel ALL THE THINGS."

- 'I Will Wait' Audience Member

“The validation of listening to these stories with real language- I want more of it. The way that this is all presented is so authentic, not like the sappy and insulting Hollywood attempts.”

- 'I Will Wait' Audience Member

Writing Workshops

A monologue has long been the cornerstone of theatre. A monologue, a long speech spoken only by one actor, has been utilized by Sophocles, Shakespeare, Chekhov and Mamet, and our production of I Will Wait is no exception. Each of the five scenes in our show is anchored with a monologue spoken by a military spouse from that generation. 

Do you feel like you have a story to share but not sure how to get it from heart to paper? Have you ever watched your favorite Netflix show or Shakespearean production and thought, “How do they express so much feeling in so few words?” 


Our resident Playwright, Amy Uptgraft, now offers a free, four-week online class where she will offer writing prompts and suggestions for you to share your own military spouse story. Then through discussion and editing, we will work to carve it into a monologue piece for you to share… or not…. by the end of class. Who knows? Maybe it will even end up in our next production of I Will Wait.


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