What are

Self-Care Sundays?

Wendy Caldwell, our resident self-care, mindfulness, and creativity subject matter expert, will offer ways to check in monthly with yourself and each other to help reduce stress and create more ease.

Meeting on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 7-9:00 PM EST, this free offering is a 'YES to you!' an open group to veteran and military spouses. Each check in will begin with a mindfulness meditation, creative check-in, and opportunity to share. Tips and self-care information will be provided according to the month’s theme. No prior art experience needed! Just an open-mind and a curiosity about how to create more balance in your life. 


Finding your Strength: Expression, Communication, and Belonging


7:00 - 9:00 PM EST

Join this drop-in self-care group to talk about emotional self-care and how we express, communicate and find a place to belong.

Lazy days of summer are departing and that means back to the hectic schedule of school, work, and life in general.  


Join Wendy during our September Self-Care Sunday session to connect with your emotional strength.  Focus on ways to nourish yourself, connect with others and outward expressions that will keep you going strong even when life begins to feel overwhelming.