Take Stock and Recharge with Topaz


2:00 - 6:00 PM EST

Have you ever considered that if we aligned our activities to follow the changing of seasons we would "bloom outward" in the spring and summer while "turning inward" during the fall and winter months?  

The reality is that the fall months are full of winter holiday activities and between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and so many more there is little time for rest.  Instead of respite, we find our time filled with school plays, social events, family gatherings, reveling, and merry-making. 

Do you find it exhausting?

Join Topaz to take stock of the next few months and use creative and expressive art collaging to create a visual reminder of your need to self-care that will help you set priorities for the busy holiday season while you release stress, laugh, and connect with others.

During this workshop you will:

1. Engage in a guided meditation and gentle movement and breathing exercises that identify where the stress in your body is held.  Bonus! You'll receive tips on how to manage that stress and relieve those tense body areas.


2. Creative collage/journal art activity.  No experience is needed and nobody is a master artist!  We encourage your own creative flow and will guide you through prompts and suggestions.

3. Use your art to remind yourself of your personal pathway to self-care.