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What are

Self-Care Sundays?

Wendy Caldwell, our resident self-care, mindfulness, and creativity subject matter expert, will offer ways to check in monthly with yourself and each other to help reduce stress and create more ease.

Meeting on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 7-9:00pm EST, this free offering is a 'YES to you!' an open group to veteran and military spouses. Each check in will begin with a mindfulness meditation, creative check-in, and opportunity to share. Tips and self-care information will be provided according to the month’s theme. No prior art experience needed! Just an open-mind and a curiosity about how to create more balance in your life. 


Self-Care Sundays with Wendy -
Celebrating You!


7:00 - 9:00 PM EST

Celebrating YOU!

For the past eight months, we've offered a variety of workshops sharing ways to find balance, joy, inner strength, comfort, and more. The final learning objective for 2021 comes down to Celebrating You. Celebrating how unique you are. Celebrating your journey of self-awareness and self-care. Celebrating the beauty that you bring into this world simply by being. What better way to close down our self-care series than dancing, creating, listening, learning, sharing, and connecting with other military spouses that have walked a path similar to yours. We encourage you to bring your favorite songs, art supplies, and a cup of cheer as we close out this year with a CELEBRATION OF YOU!

👉Learn about the multidimensional aspects of self-care
👉Continue to build awareness of your habits and ways to tune-in to yourself in a supportive community accessible throughout the world.
👉Continue to build the practice of mindfulness to further enhance your skill to find your calm in any state of stress
👉Celebrate yourself and each other with music, dance, and oratory cheer!

When you join us this month you'll be doing a variety of activities to round out the past eight months of mindful self-care:

🌼 Participate in a mindfulness meditation
🌼 Create a self-care check-in chart to track your progress toward a more balanced lifestyle
🌼 Write a letter to yourself identifying your triumphs, insights, and goals
🌼 Toast to one another’s efforts, support, victories, and progress!