Stories We Tell 

Stories We Tell originated from playwright Amy Uptgraft’s experiences while researching for her play, “I Will Wait”.  Interview after interview reminded her of the strength and courage of military spouses and families who had walked before her. From World War II to the post 9/11 spouse, the stories of pride and heartache, loneliness and community became a rallying cry for The Veteran’s Spouse Project to create a way to preserve them. 

"There is a bond [between military spouses] that you can't explain. It makes a difference when you truly carry the load for one another.”

- 'Stories We Tell' Participant


The Mission

Stories We Tell’s mission is to preserve the words of America’s military spouses and families across generations by documenting these narratives, giving a voice to people who are irrevocably changed when their loved ones raise their right hands in service to our great nation. 

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"I can waste these three years of my life here or I can take full advantage of what this military life has to offer and dig in."

- 'Stories We Tell' Participant

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Our Collection

VSP's Collection is an ever-expanding multi-media archive of the collective works compiled from our in-person and virtual programs.

Our Stories We Tell collection preserves the stories of veterans’ spouses across generations in their own words. 

Our Made For You collection displays the artwork and written works from our workshop participants. 

Our I Will Wait collection captures the testimonials from those interviewed as part of research for the production. 

Together, these expressions of art form the VSP Collection. We hope that you'll enjoy and continue to share in our desire for these voices to be heard for many years to come.

Currently Featured Stories We Tell - Fort Polk 2020

“Being in Vietnam just kind of made him hard, but I guess they have to do that just to survive.

- 'Stories We Tell' Participant

Get Involved

Share Your Own Story - Your story matters and we would be honored to help tell it. Set-up an in-person or video interview with our team here

Connect Within Your Community- VSP will help you curate a session where you interview a veteran spouse in your community and share it through our Stories We Tell collection. Connect with us here


Volunteer Your Talents- VSP is always looking for volunteers. Send us a message letting us know how you would like to contribute here

Request a Group Recording Session- Are you a part of a spouses' group, an American Legion auxiliary, a book club with fellow military spouses? We'd love to connect! Request that our team come to your area for a group recording and archive session. 

For more details and information, please contact Amy Uptgraft at amyuptgraft@iwillwaitvsp.com


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