Veteran Spouses Serving Other Veteran Spouses

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The Veteran’s Spouse Project (VSP), serves our military communities within their communities by building connections through our focused arts programming:


I Will Wait, is an original theatrical production, currently offered as a reading, a reading with talk-back and as a fully realized performance.  

Made For You, expressive arts workshops, are offered as in-person and virtual events that address topics relevant to military spouses and veterans’ caregivers to relieve stress and use creativity for expression and healing. They are offered in conjunction with I Will Wait and Stories We Tell programming or as standalone events.

Stories We Tell, a multi-media collection, is currently offered as individual and group video archival sessions in conjunction with I Will Wait and Made For You and as a standalone experience.

47%  of the families surveyed in the 2019 Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey said their local civilian community has limited awareness of, understanding, and support for military and veteran families. 

Our Story

We'd love to share our story with you.  


Take a behind the scenes look at The Veteran's Spouse Project. Get to know I Will Wait Playwright and VSP Founder, Amy Uptgraft and Made for You Expressive Arts Director, Wendy Caldwell as they share how VSP came to be. 

We believe in providing opportunities to share, create, listen and connect. We believe in bridging the gap between military and civilian communities. 

Our Mission

The Veteran’s Spouse Project (VSP), a nonprofit arts organization, deploys its creative arts programming to military and Veteran communities throughout the nation giving voice to the experiences of military spouses across the generations using theatre and expressive arts. VSP exists to help bridge the civilian and military gaps within our communities by deepening the understanding of what military families endure.


Our Values

Diversity - We are committed to diversity in all staff, volunteers, audiences, and participants. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a project environment that respects diverse experiences, traditions, and heritage. 

Authenticity - We are committed to telling the stories of military families of all ranks across all generations. The stories we portray are based on actual accounts shared with us by military spouses and families. 

Compassion - VSP programs are empathy in action. We offer comfort through storytelling, invitations for self-expression, and offering  tools for coping. We accompany those who navigate the challenges of war and deployment, and create a channel for healing. 

Excellence - We set high standards for our staff members and events to create greater community connection through creativity. We strive to improve the well-being of the veteran spouse population directly through our programs.

Integrity - We are truthful and honest in all aspects of our lives and our business dealings. When entrusted with others’ resources, we are transparent, honest, and committed to doing what is right for our funders and our participants. 

Our Logo

The star - represents the service member being enveloped by the circular design, symbolizing the security and safe space encompassing them through healthy family support and community connections. 

The crescents - with their soft, round edges elicit feelings of empathy and love, built one upon the other, the continual “holding up” from generations of spouses behind us, reminding us of our own strength and resiliency through their stories.  

The number five - the number of crescents in the design is indicative of the five wars portrayed in our production of I Will Wait along with the five dimensions of self-care that are shared in our Made For You workshops. 

The colors - the analogous greens remind us of our growth and renewal in healing through the arts by sharing our military life experiences.


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